Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Hogg's Hollow adventure - Teaching English in Japan

This past summer during Hogg's Hollow's August break, Hogg's Hollow teachers Rose Hogg and Susan Chheth were invited to Japan to teach English at the Alive English School.

As neither Susan nor Rose spoke Japanese, it was quite an adventure just finding their way around Nagoya where the school is located. However the local people were very helpful, and with some help from Japanese teachers, soon Rose and Susan went to work teaching English. They found that their teaching methods were very appreciated. Rose and Susan were able to enhance the English-as-a-second-language program by adding hands-on activities and out-door athletics. Needless to say, this new approach was very popular with the students, and the Japanese teachers, seeing the enthusiasm of their students, made videos of the Hogg's Hollow teachers in action. During their outside activities, the children ages 6 to 8 used their newly-learned English as they performed various feats at the nearby park.

One of the keys to Hogg's Hollow's success over the last 36 years is developing good communication skills among the children. It is really at the core of the school's philosophy. "When our children talk to us, we listen!"

Of course, Susan and Rose arrived back in La Cañada in time for the new school year, with many stories to tell.

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